Tip Worthy

A new spin on the tip calculator.

Tip Worthy is an iPhone app that's a fun, new take on the old standby, the tip calculator. Instead of typing in a percentage every time you're figuring out the bill, why not just rate the service and let the app do the rest?

Loved it – or bloody awful?

Here's how the app works – set your tip percentages for the different service levels on the settings screen the first time you use the app.

Go high if you loved the service... or low if you thought the service was awful, it's all up to you.

Tip, total, and split... that's it

Then on the main screen, enter your bill amount and use the dial to pick how “tip worthy” your service was – and the app calculates the tip for you automatically!

Fast and fun, it can split the bill too. And it's free!

Questions or support?

Contact tipworthy@modmobile.net

Graphics by MAN vs. GEORGE Design

Available in the App Store