Our Work

iPhone and Android Development

Mod Mobile has provided iPhone and Android application development services to a leading area mobile development and marketing firm in their iOS and Android project efforts. These projects included major revisions and enhancements to commercially available mobile apps designed for the client’s local and national business customers.

Our work included primary development responsibilities on the iOS platform, assistance with portions of the Android implementation and creation of working prototypes to validate potential user interface approaches in the initial stages of the project.

iPad Development Project

Mod Mobile worked with a national marketing firm to create an iPad prototype application that’s being used to showcase their interactive expertise to their well-known, international client base.

We took the client’s conceptual design and graphics for the application and helped them develop an app that featured animation, video playback and a Cover Flow-style user interface.

And it didn’t hurt that the project came in on time and under budget!

Tip Worthy – iPhone App

Tip Worthy is Mod Mobile’s first entry in the Apple App Store! Our app is a fun and interesting take on the standard tip calculator – instead of entering in the tip every time you’re at the restaurant, you set tip percentages for the different levels of service you might receive, all the way from good to awful. Once you get your bill after that, you just use the Tip Worthy dial to rate your service and your tip gets automatically calculated for you.

Throughout the development process, we put a strong emphasis on user experience. We strove to make using the app enjoyable but not at the expense of the app’s functionality and usability. We insisted on high quality graphics and worked with our friends at MAN VS GEORGE to give the application a distinctive look that complemented its purpose. Learn more about Tip Worthy