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The boutique and the flea market

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A metaphor that I find useful for explaining the differences between the Apple App Store for iOS apps and the Google Play Store for Android apps is comparing them to a boutique and a flea market.

The Apple App Store is run more like a boutique. Boutiques tend to be pricier and they don’t try to be one stop shopping. Most importantly, their merchandise is specially selected – not everything gets in and it’s usually at the discretion of a buyer or owner.

In contrast, the Google Play store is more like a flea market. Items are cheaper but quality can vary wildly. Some purchases might be of dubious legality. It’s a bit more “buyer beware” but there can be bargains and finds.

There are certainly pros and cons to both approaches. As a user, it’s nice to know that the apps have been reviewed by Apple before they enter the store. On the other hand, anyone who’s had an app rejected for what seems to be an arbitrary reason knows it can be a frustrating experience.

On Google Play, it’s great as a developer to be able to get your app in the store in minutes. For users, they have to be a little more careful about what they download due to the lack of quality control. It’s less of an impulse acquisition at that point.

Keep this in mind if you have to describe the differences between the Apple and Android marketplaces to anyone who might be unfamiliar with them – they can go a long way in shaping your strategy as you develop, market and possibly sell your product.

Upcoming area mobile conferences – Snow Mobile and CocoaConf Chicago

Here are a couple of upcoming mobile conferences that I’ll be attending. If you’re an mobile app developer in the area, you should consider them as well!

Snow Mobile 2013
February 15-16
Madison WI

This is a brand new conference so unfortunately, I can’t give a review or preview for it. I do know that it’s put on by the same folks who have done UXMad and Madison Ruby and I’ve heard nothing but good things about those conferences.

I believe the conference format is is single-track conference and includes presentations on various types of mobile development – iOS, Android, Windows Phone and mobile web.

One of the interesting things that they have done with their other conferences is to have additional speakers from completely different disciplines outside of software development. Given that the current speaker lineup features a coffee professional and an improvisational workshop trainer, it would seem that Snow Mobile will follow in that vein as well.

CocoaConf Chicago
March 7-9
TBD – Chicagoland area most likely

This is a independent iOS and Mac OSX development multi-session conference held outside of Chicago. I attended last year with a few other Milwaukee developers and had an informative and very fun time. They have a great speaker lineup from around the country including authors from the Pragmatic Programmer series of books. It has a┬ásolid technical focus so if that’s your goal, you’ll be very pleased with this conference.

Hope to see you at one or both events!

A place for my stuff

The late George Carlin had a bit where he expounded that all we needed in life was places for our stuff. Tables, houses, suitcases – simply put, all places for our stuff.

That what this is blog is too – a place for my stuff, digital stuff that is. Might be some stray thoughts, interesting links, hopefully some longer form ramblings at some point, possibly a presentation should I get around to it. We’ll see what develops.

I can’t promise regular postings given I have been known to take 15 minutes to craft a 140 character tweet.

But that said, I’ll strive for quality in lieu of quantity.